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UNIPAK Jointing Compound

UNIPAK jointing compound is used together with flax to seal threaded joints on systems for domestic, heating and super heated water.

UNIPAK makes assembly work easier, provides tightly sealed joints and makes and later disassembly easier.

GLIDEX Lubricants

GLIDEX silicone lubricant is made from 100% pure silicone oil. It is
available in two versions. GLIDEX spray, a multiusable and
efficient spray and GLIDEX paste, in a handy tube with a shoepolish
sponge for direct application. They are both solvent-free and
do not contain any propellant harmful to the ozone layer.

MULTIPAK Jointing compound

MULTIPAK is a non-hardening joining compound that is used together with flax to seal threaded joints. The jointing compound is ideal for systems with drinking water, gas, heating, low-pressure steam, compressed air and cooling.


PAKOL Jointing compound

PAKOL is a liquid, shellac-based jointing compound, which is used together with flax to seal threaded joints in systems for petrol, oil and gas.

PAKOL provides, together with flax, completely sealed joints in all types of threads, as well as in well-turned flanged joints.


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